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It’s Pancake Day!

Today is Shrove Tuesday also know as Pancake Day! Toppings such as chocolate spread, golden syrup, bananas, lemon and sugar, all featured highly in the office pancake poll! But whatever your choice of topping, it’s the fun filled flipping in the kitchen that makes us all love Pancake Day so much!

So what is Pancake Day and why do we celebrate it?

Shrove Tuesday falls 47 days before Easter, a day that precedes Ash Wednesday.  The name Shrove Tuesday comes from the word ’shrive’ meaning absolution of sins.  Christians would traditionally be ’shriven’ before lent, forgiven of their sins.  Lent was a time of 40 days of fasting prior to Easter, Christians would use up rich foods, such as eggs, milk and sugar thus becoming Pancake Day. The actual tradition of mixing them up for pancakes is thought to come from a pagan ritual, but others say it is a Christian tradition – with each ingredient representing one of the four pillars of the faith. Eggs for creation, flour sustenance or the staff of life, salt for wholesomeness and milk for purity.  Pancake Day is still a much loved day for the young and young at heart!

Across the UK races are hosted on Shrove Tuesday, the most famous in Olney in Buckinghamshire!  People take to the streets to watch competitors race down the high street to the church whilst carrying their frying pans and flipping their pancake without dropping it!

Our kitchen team are currently preparing for their flipping race; calculating the perfect combination of recipe/size/depth for the ultimate flipping pancake!  Tag us in your pancake pictures we can’t wait to see your creations……

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