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Vegan launch for Flora

Yesterday (19 March 2019) Flora announced that their entire range is going 100% plant-based! Food Show was thrilled to work with Flora ambassadors SoVegan and chef Simon Rimmer to celebrate the re-launch, creating a delicious Spring-inspired menu and a VIP dinner.

An exclusive Vegan lunch was curated by social influencers So Vegan which introduced the great new taste of Flora's 100% plant-based products, in nature inspired 'grazing' style menu.

Hasselback new potatoes with fennel seeds' roasted cauliflower & Za'atar with tahini; toasted flatbread with smashed pea & mint; roasted chickpea tabbouleh; Muhammara dip; beetroot hummus dip; a selection of seasonal fresh crudities, rustic vegan breads; grissini and taro root crisps.  Orange and polenta upside-down cake served with soya Chantilley coconut cream and yes, it was as Instagram worthy as it sounds #delicious.

Later in the evning a plant based, seated dinner was hosted by tv chef Simon Rimmer, where guests taste tested Flora's new products whch were used in the exclusive three-course menu created by Simon.

Starting off with dark rye bread with lime & miso Flora topped with crushed avocado, radish & tomato; followed by Cauliflower Katsu with almond Flora braised rice (with all guests commenting that this trumped the infamous Wagamama's katsu curry!) and last but not least was Simon's vegan sticky toffee pudding with salted caramel sauce, which we can hand on heart say was the best we've ever eaten!

The fabulous IceTank, in Covent Garden, was transformed by amazing sunflower floral displays which were simply stunning and created a bright, informal setting just perfect for guests to experience the new Flora products #floraplantgoodness.

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